Carta Principio

The process starts from scratch every morning, mincing the best pieces of fresh meat available
(wagyu, veal, beef, angus, tuna) in a mincer cooled at 0°C. keeping the
cold chain, in order to keep all the juiciness and product proprieties. Seasoning each type
with different ingredients to create unique recipes and balanced with fresh and wherever possible local and organic. To get the fluffiness necessary, knead the burgers by hand, avoiding to soose air and juice from the product. No less important is to have daily, fresh bread without additives, having the fluffiness and aroma suitable, which took months of testing. 

Russian salad
Chicken  wings, soy sauce, honey, mirin
Croquettes of "old clothes" (5 u)
Chicken Fingers with kikos batter
La Royale eggs, organic egg, potato chips, bacon, peppers from the Padrón
Pork Ribs, grilled with barbecue sauce
Nachos with guacamole, cheese, "pico de gallo"
Caesar salad, confit chicken, parmesan, crispy bacon, Romaine lettuce
Salad of Cogollos, tuna belly, tomato, spring onion, black olive, celery, mustard vinagrette
FRIEd potatoes & more
Our classic potatoes
Matchstick potatoes Our favorites!
De luxe Potatoes, traditional with skin
Onion rings
Pan-fired eggplants breast
Our hamburgers can be served with "real bread" for people with celiac disease (+1.40)
La Royale Premium, wagyu, Stilton cheese, romaine lettuce, tender onion, pickle, Royale sauce
American, mature beef, ketchup, lettuce, cheddar, tomato
Chicken with fine herbs, chicken batter, herb mayonnaise with a spicy touch, lettuce
Italian, mature beef, provolone, red pesto, cherry, mushroom, rocket, pinions
Mextizaje, mature beef, guacamole, cheddar cream, nachos, bacon, chipotle mayonnaise
L'Empordà, mature beef, mayonnaise cheese, mushrooms and mahon cheese
Vegetable, tofu, green beans, corn, red bell pepper, chickpeas, soy sauce, avocado, lettuce, vegetable mayonnaise
Das Stue, mature beef, tomato, straw potatoes, fried egg, Iberian bacon
Big Boy Club, mature beef, cheddar, gherkin, onion, American sauce
Korean, Iberian porc and mature beef, wacame rubber, shitake, honey, spicy mayonnaise
Nordic, mature beef, fine herbs cream, onion in osmosis, Raiford mayonnaise
The Animals, mature beef, bacon, special sauce, tempura-fried onion, Cheddar
Tuna, shitake, sesame, germinated sybeans, Nori seaweed sauce
Infant, mature beef, tomato, lettuce (Cheese supplement +0.9)
sweet world
Brownie with creamy white chocolate
Apple Tatin with vanilla ice cream
Cheesecake, with raspberry marmalade
Our Lemon pie with violet ice cream
Red Velvet Cake
Cake tasting
Pineapple carpaccio with toffee and vanilla ice cream
Isoft with your Toppings

Carta Final