Enjoy the new tendency coming from New York and London, the combination of Gourmet Hamburgers and Premium gin tonics. Over the past several years, a large number of distillery have set off in the united kingdom creating in small batches traditional and hand made gins.
Behind the closed dors of english subburbs a scilence revolution is taking place, In the residental zones, in their kitchens or living rooms people are destiling vodkas and gins. And no, this is not a descriprion of LOndon durring the Hogarth era in the 1750's and no, the distil is not being produced in the baths. We are talking about high technology now, high quality hand made production; unique White liquer produced in limited quantities
We will combine each one of them with the adecuate tonic and botanics that best fits them.

"From Rafa Barrera I learned how to prepare gin tonics and give away happiness"  Alex Ledda


  • Blackwood's edición especial 60 EU (Scotland)
  • Bombay Sapphire EUROPA (English)
  • Beefeater London Market EUROPE (English)
  • Haswell EUROPE (English)
  • Haymans's 1820 EUROPE (English)
  • Jodhpur EUROPA (Anglesa) Inspirada a l'India
  • Martin Miller's EUROPE (English)
  • Only EUROPA (Cataluña)
  • Ö WannaborgaEUROPA (Suiss)
  • Lubuski EUROPA (Poland)

Super Premium

  • Botanic Ultrapremium Europe (England)
  • Brecon Special Botanicals EUROPA (English)
  • Brockmans EUROPE (English)
  • Caorunn EUROPE (Scotland)
  • Geranium EUROPE (English)
  • Gin Mare EUROPE (Spanish, Mediterranean)
  • G' Vine Floraison y Noison EU (French)
  • Hendrick's EUROPE (Scotland)
  • Isfjord GROENLAND
  • Ish EUROPE (English)
  • Ish Limed EUROPA (English)
  • Junipero AMERICA
  • Sacred EUROPE (English)
  • Mombasa Colonel's Reserve EUROPE
  • Ocean EUROPA (Spanish)
  • Williams Chase Extra Dry EUROPE (English)
  • 209 AMERICA

Limited edition

  • Citadelle Reserva Europe (French)
  • Jodhpur - 2 años barrica EUROPE (English)
  • Monkey 47 EUROPE (German - Selva Negra)
  • Oxley EUROPA (English)
  • M5 EUROPE (Española)