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Media: Metropolitan
Author: Metropolitan
Date: 25-11-2011

If you think the idea of a gourmet burger joint sounds like a bit of an oxymoron, you might want to tray La Royale, inaugurated a few months ago in uptown Barcelona. Chef Paco Pérez and a team "burger experts" have created a menu of 11 different gourmet burgers made from organic meats (that are minced on the premises) sourced from all over the world. So you´ll find meat an recipes brought from America, Asia, Oceania, Africa and Europe as well as a vegetarian option made from tofu, soy, and vegetables.

La Royale has also introduced the concept, already popular in London and New York, of accompanyng gourmet burgers with gin and tonic. And if you don´t want to restrict this unusual mix to just your main course, La Royale offers a range of both gins and tonics to match each of their desserts. The man behind this concept is Rafael Barrera, a G-and-T guru, who is frequently seen behind the bar concocting new creations.