Our Story

It all started with a dream...

Albert called his friend Javier to tell him about opening a restaurant. He needed a partner of trust. There, on a couch at Albert’s home, beer in hand, they began to build the idea. Soon, they started talking about one of their passions, the burger, and ended up making a tour of the ‘best burgers’ Chicago, NY, London, Berlin... and came to a conclusion; none of them treated the hamburger strictly from a gourmet point of view.

Javier did not hesitate to contact his good friend Paco Pérez, renowned chef, 4 * Michelin together with his restaurant in Miramar (Llança) and Enoteca (Hotel Arts). Paco was very clear from the beginning “its a fantastic but also risky idea, do you dare?” In order to make gourmet burgers, the kitchen should function as a gourmet restaurant, a large staff of qualified and well-organized chefs.

The process starts from scratch every morning, mincing the best pieces of fresh meat available in the market (Wayu, ostrich, veal, beef, Angus, bison, tuna ...) in a mincer cooled at 0°C. keeping the cold chain, in order to keep all the juiciness and product proprieties.

We season each type or burger with different ingredients to create unique and balanced recepies with fresh, local and organic ingredients. To get the texture needed, we knead the burgers by hand, avoiding the loos of its air or juice. No less important is to have daily, fresh bread without additives, having the fluffiness and aroma suitable, which took months of testing.

While searching for the right location, Albert passed by Can Massana, a legendary restaurant in the seventies, it was for rent!  Albert did not sleep until he convinced his partner that this was the right place, which only himself thought.

Two weeks prior to opening, Javier woke up at the middle of the night with the ingredient sought for days, so right away called another old friend, Rafael Barrera, the best Gin Tonic Master, and suggested pairing the best burgers with his magnificent Gin & Tonic. Rafa said, “It’s the trend that is beginning now in London and NYC”. Two days later the four were meeting in Barcelona.

The dream became reality. The rest is history.