Vodka Bar

Enjoy the new tendency coming from New York and London, the combination of Gourmet Hamburgers and Premium Vodka Tonics. Over the past several years, a large number of distillery have set off in the united kingdom creating in small batches traditional and hand made gins.
Behind the closed dors of english subburbs a scilence revolution is taking place, In the residental zones, in their kitchens or living rooms people are destiling vodkas and gins. And no, this is not a descriprion of LOndon durring the Hogarth era in the 1750's and no, the distil is not being produced in the baths. We are talking about high technology now, high quality hand made production; unique White liquer produced in limited quantities
We will combine each one of them with the adecuate tonic and botanics that best fits them.

The famous Gin Tonic guru, Rafael Barrera, designed the concept and is often behind the bar.

"I once put my heart and soul, and now I can be proud of this temple of good living"  Rafa Barrera

Special Vodka Tonics

    Ciroc vodka macerated with raspberries, blackberries, vanilla and Bliss Berry tonic water

    Grey Goose Vodka macerated with lemongrass, tonka bean, lemon twist, orange and tonic Fever Tree

    Ketel One Vodka with St Germain, SanPellegrino tonic water and lemon twist


  • Iceberg (Toronto)
    Imperial Gold (Saint Petersburg)

Super Premium

  • Belvedere (Zyrardów)
    Grey Goose (La Because)
    Ciroc (Cognac)
    U?luvka (Poland)
    Ketel One (Holland)

Limited Edition

  • Beluga (Mariinsk)