Who we are?

When we opened la Royale in June of 2011, we never could have thought of such recivement. Both the critics as well as our clients have made of us a reference and this is what encourages and motivates us to emprove every day.

All our joy and ilusion was put into this project, with what we aspited to create something diferent, something cool adapted to our likes without forgeting the best quality in out proposal.

It hasn’t been easy to create everything we had in our mind, but with the help of all our team we could now say we have don it!

Paco Perez.


La royale is place dedicated to burgers of author as well as to the best Gin tonics. Open every day  to provide better service to our clients and our take away for those who want to enjoy it at home.

We also have a half-day menu. ¡You'll love it!